TC Feeds Foundation is dedicated to ensuring everyone eats healthy meals and that all our locally raised food nourishes the community. In collaboration with generous support of our partners, volunteers, and donors, together we deliver healthy meals for less than $2.50 each! 


We are also working to add EBT/SNAP support to our website and will be offering a full range of local grocery options. All purchases made with SNAP will be discounted to extend the purchasing power of SNAP participants.

Once we launch our grocery offerings, please purchase your groceries from us and 4% of your own family's food purchases will automatically support our mission.  

Why TC Feeds

TC Feeds was started by a group of local farmers who saw that too much of locally raised food went unharvested or unused.  When a farmer plants a crop to sell to a local household, they need to always plant more than is needed in order to account for future growing conditions. There isn't always a way to sell the extra food, so it often winds up unharvested or unused. 
At the same time, we see too many in our community who are experiencing food insecurity.  In Minnesota 6% of our neighbors are experiencing food insecurity and that increases to 7.5% in Hennepin County

With your help, we can provide nourishing meals to those in need and ensure all local food is put to good use!

Why We Prepare Meals

We believe that preparing ready-to-eat meals is the best way to nourish a family in need. Households facing food insecurity may not have the time or resources available to cook a healthy meal from our great farm raised products. 

Our locally raised ingredients are often perishable and come in large quantities of a specific item at once.  Without preparing amazing meals, which can be frozen and delivered later, we would be unable to provide a balanced offering year-round for our clients. 

We also strive to create an educational meal kit series which teaches clients how to quickly prepare healthy meals from fresh local items. If you can help drive this forward, we’d like to hear from you!

To prepare these meals, we need a lot of help!  Please volunteer today.

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